Contemporary Improvisation for Black Men-CIBM

New York artist and Dance Foundation Artist-in-Residence Germaul Barnes will facilitate Contemporary Improvisation for Black Men (CIBM), an improvisation dance gathering giving Black Men an opportunity to move together creatively, physically, spiritually and intellectually. CIBM will be an evening of bonding and connecting with Black Men from around the nation — men are coming to Birmingham from New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Mexico, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

Date: Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Time: 7:00 P.M. – 9:00 P.M.

Location: The Dance Foundation / 1715 27th Ct South, Homewood, AL 35209 MAP

Donation: $1 is appreciated

Registration: RSVP (encouraged), Walk-in welcome 

If you identify as Black and Male, this is a SAFE SPACE for you. All ages, abilities, and male fluidity welcome.  Please be advised this gathering is exclusively for black men. This not a performance, No spectators, No videos or photos, No women, No xenophobia, No homophobia during gathering.



CIBM is a physical exploration of the intersections between thought and movement, the real and the representational, the past and the present, freestyle and improvisation, flow and disruption. In this class, the exploration of presence as multiple embodied states that generate empathetic choices in making life survival skills, group support, dances and dance performance informed by the African Diaspora in both a historical and contemporary moment. Participants will use movement improvisation, text, and other creative strategies to reflect on issues that concern them as black males. This exploration culminates with dialogue about the ideas that emerge. “DEEPEN YOUR INTER-GROOVE & building communities.”

Curated by

Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Dance & The CIMB collective.

Please share upcoming improv. with other Black Men that might be interested via email, social media, website, word of mouth, etc.

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