Contemporary Improvisation for Black Men-CIBM is a monthly improvisation dance gathering giving an opportunity for Black Men to move together creatively, physically, spiritually and intellectually. Improvisation is an excellent way for Black Men (dancers-Modern, Ballet, Jazz, African, Tap, etc. & Non-Dancers; Activists, Writers, Musicians, Athletes, etc.) to deepening their Inter-Groove while building much-needed support for each other. If you identify as Black and male, this is a SAFE SPACE for you. We welcome all ages, abilities, and male fluidity. Curated by Germaul Barnes/Viewsic Dance & the CIMB collective.

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Contemporary Improvisation for Black Men-CIBM gathering. (Monthly)
Led by Viewsic Dance: Germaul Barnes

Date: Feburary 11, 2018

Time: 3 pm – 5 pm

Location: RestorationArts – Youth Arts Academy
247 Herkimer Brooklyn, New York 11216

Cost: Donation ($1 is appreciated)



READ MORE ,writen by Juan Michael Porter II, Dance Enthusiast, published on December 19, 2017

PLEASE NOTE: CIBM gatherings is NOT a show/presentation. We create a Safe Space with NO judgments, No cameras, and open to all abilities. What happens and said in the studio, stays in the studio….THANK YOU.

Please share upcoming improv. with other Black Men that might be interested via email, social media, website, word of mouth, etc.

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