The repertoire of Germaul Barnes’ Viewsic Dance is available to professional dance companies, universities, and high schools for licensing.

Our Artistic Director Germaul Barnes will re-stage all Viewsic Dance repertoire, Viewsic Dance Licensing and Resources offers packages that ensure reconstructions and performances of the highest artistic quality and authenticity.

Fees for Performance Licenses for Student Productions depend on the dance requested.

The mission of the Licensing Department is to facilitate student reconstructions and make sure they are affordable.

Artistic support for each production includes:

•Artistic Director Germaul Barnes  or Certified instructor

•A Viewsic Dance Tool Kit ® (rehearsal videos, rehearsal audio, staging notes, reviews, historic background)

•Rental costumes from the original Viewsic Dance designs or redesigned costumes

•An authentic lighting and technical consultation

•Performance quality audio

•Contact information for obtaining music rights

•Original program notes and credits

•Archival photos, publications, and educational materials

Collaboration on interdepartmental curriculum (music, visual arts, education, theater, history departments)

•For more information, contact Germaul Barnes at